With a view to sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of road freight transport, Faresin has enriched its fleet with 3 latest-generation vehicles powered by bioGAS LNG, a gas obtained from agricultural waste and with zero impact on the environment. 

At the same time Faresin continues its growth in the field of sustainability, renewing its fleet with vehicles equipped with Euro 6 engines, thus lowering the average age of the fleet to 24 months. The new trucks can run on biomethane, a renewable and sustainable fuel as CO2 emissions are reduced by 95% and there is a circular use of resources.

The high-performance vehicles, thanks to the technological-informatics devices with which they are equipped, allow continuous and direct contact with the team of professionals who monitor each vehicle, guaranteeing efficiency, safety and timeliness of the service, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Faresin, therefore, continues its journey towards zero emissions by constantly innovating its technology and fleet of vehicles to offer its customers increasingly “green” transport, significantly reducing the emission of CO2, particulate matter and fine dust.