Tailor-made logistics

Faresin provides tailor-made logistics services for third parties by designing, building and managing customized solutions.

The mission is the movement of customers’ products and related documents throughout Europe, providing the most reliable and efficient distribution routes and combining cost optimization with innovative services.

In times like these, where operability is crucial, where orders have to be handled with minimum notice and delivery times are short, more and more companies are deciding to outsource their warehousing, thus transforming a number of costs from fixed to variable.

Faresin’s strength lies in the possibility of immediately creating new spaces within the company served, physically and effectively moving the warehouse to its own logistics areas. Thanks to its global presence, Faresin can support the growth of its customers through design skills that allow highly innovative solutions to be exploited.

Faresin’s distribution logistics are therefore able to manage product stocks, carry out all incoming goods operations with relative warehousing, and plan orders with order fulfilment.