Faresin possesses and uses its trucks for several types of transports that goes from the normal tractors to the exceptional ones, and in terms of capacity, to the trailers open and trailers standards also to the extensible ones with ramps for the cargo of vehicles, tanks with the detachable neck extensible with height of cargo of cm. 30 and trailers with reclining plan for the cargo transport of great vertical dimensions also, comprised the indispensable equipment for the operations of routes of the exceptional pieces.

  • Trailer with hydraulic system of inclination to carry wide loading or big dimensions loadin
  • Trailer with tank with separated neck
  • Trailer built with hydraulic system to carry rings
  • Trailer with four axle
  • Trailer built to carry panels with dock
  • Trailer with system to increase wide
  • Open trailer
  • Flat trailer
  • Flat trailer extensible